Empowering your full adoption of Blackboard Learn Ultra

Transitioning to Blackboard Learn Ultra unlocks a powerful suite of tools and features for instructors and students. We want to help your institution realize the full potential of Blackboard Learn Ultra so you can benefit from everything it has to offer. This toolkit provides you with a clear process, along with a set of resources and tools for planning and managing the change. You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience of change management programs to use it - it will guide you through each step with the support of our Client Experience Managers. If you feel you need more of a helping hand our professional services team can support you as much or as little as you need.

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Step 1: Assembling Your Team

Moving to Blackboard Learn Ultra is so much more than a technical project. It's a modernization of the way your institute delivers learning experiences. When making this transformation you need to ensure you have the right voices and skills in your project team. We’ll give you an overview of who should be on your Core Team and Advisory Group, as well as some resources for communicating the project scope to them.

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Step 2: Understanding Your Adoption Position

Understanding your position at key points throughout the transition is essential for effective planning and management of your Blackboard Learn Ultra adoption. Our 'understanding your starting position' worksheet is designed to be used at the start of your project to gather relevant information about the scale and complexity of your move to Blackboard Learn Ultra. Using this information, our team can guide you on the best approach to the transition.

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Step 3: Setting Goals and Choosing Your Approach

Your move to Blackboard Learn Ultra needs to align with the strategic goals of your institution, and fulfill some tactical goals to meet the needs of instructors and students. Learning Technology Planning Sessions with our Blackboard Learn Ultra Adoption Team will help you articulate how your project aligns with institutional strategic goals, and define the tactical goals for the project.

Once you’ve completed these sessions the Blackboard Learn Ultra Adoption Team will advise you on an adoption approach that will best suit you.

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Step 4: Action Planning for Adoption

With your approach selected, you’ll be ready to plan the specific activities of your Blackboard Learn Ultra transition. We’ve got a set of resources to help you consider the scope of your tasks and our Adoption Team will help you to create a realistic and achievable plan.

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Step 5: Making the Transition

To help you put your plan into action we have a range of resources you can draw on to support the move to Blackboard Learn Ultra; from training materials to ready-made communications templates.

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Step 6: Getting The Most Out Of Blackboard Learn Ultra

Once instructors and students start using Blackboard Learn Ultra you’ll need to keep them motivated to explore and use it to its full potential. Embedding Blackboard Learn Ultra isn't just focused at the point of initial adoption but is an ongoing maintenance step. We have a set of resources to help you celebrate the successes, encourage instructor adoption and optimization of Blackboard Learn Ultra, and provide troubleshooting support for instructors and students.

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Our staff like that their courses look cleaner, their content is at most three clicks away, and new features are introduced all the time. It's amazing to see how quickly Anthology is developing Blackboard Learn Ultra.

Rob Farmer

Learning Technology Manager

University of Northampton


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