Step 4: Action Planning for Adoption

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Whether you’ve decided to move to Blackboard Learn Ultra in phases or all at once, you’ll need a well thought through action plan to support the transition. Whilst there are some differences depending on the approach you’ve chosen, there will always be a core set of work streams to plan for:

Communication: explaining the benefits of transitioning to Blackboard Learn Ultra to instructors and students, and generating the desire to make the move.

Capability building: making sure instructors and students have the skills necessary to get the most out of Blackboard Learn Ultra.

Course content and design: moving course content into Blackboard Learn Ultra and (if needed) creating course structures and templates that make the most of the new tools and features.

Technical: getting your technical set-up optimized to enable Blackboard Learn Ultra to deliver the teaching and learning experiences you want. 

Support: having mechanisms and resources to support instructors and students through the transition to Blackboard Learn Ultra.

Business processes and policies: integrating Blackboard Learn Ultra with how your institution operates and is governed.

It’s important to orchestrate your plan so these work streams are aligned. If you’re intending to transition to Blackboard Learn Ultra in phases it’s also advisable to have a long-term program plan, rather than just planning the first phase of the move. 

You can use our planning considerations to help you scope the project and create your plan.


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Phased Adoption Planning Considerations

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