Step 3: Setting Goals and Choosing Your Approach

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To get buy-in from key stakeholders, you’ll need to explore their goals for modernizing learning experiences. These could be both strategic and tactical in nature. Trying to pull them all together and navigate the best path forward for your institution can be challenging, which is why we recommend doing some Learning Technology Planning sessions with our Adoption Team. These will help you:

  • Define your aspirations for the project
  • Establish how these aspirations relate to your current situation
  • Determine what success looks like for the project, and the measures that are associated with this


Gaining commitment to a set of goals will be a key outcome of this workshop session. It will also provide you with a clear strategic direction. This is important for deciding on the best approach to transitioning to Blackboard Learn Ultra. Following the LTP sessions, our Adoption Team will be able to guide you on the transition approach that will best meet your goals.

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Overview of Adoption Approaches

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