How to gain access

learn adoption Toolkit

These actions must be performed by an Administrator

To gain initial access to the Learn Adoption Toolkit, you will need to be an admin in Learn. If you are not an admin please either contact them directly or speak to your Anthology representative who will be able to help.

Once you have performed these steps you will be able to use the sign in link in the navigation.

go to admin

Sign in to Blackboard Learn

 Sign in to your Learn instance, then select the Admin panel in the left hand menu.

LTI Position 1

Launch the Learn Ultra Upgrade LTI

Select the Ultra Adoption Toolkit option on the Admin Panel to launch the LTI. (Please note that you may be asked for permission to launch the LTI at this point.)

Launching the LTI will redirect you to the Learn Adoption Toolkit, where you will be asked to add your details and personalize the toolkit with your institution’s logo.


If you require additional information please reference the release notes located here

Your adoption team

Add your colleagues

Once you have completed the personalization, navigate to Step One where you will be able to add your colleagues to the toolkit.

Congratulations, you now have full access to all the tools, features and information in the Learn Adoption Toolkit.